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We're based in Stillwater, MN and provide hardwood flooring installation, sanding and refinishing, and repairs to customers throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and suburbs. 

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Raven Hardwood Flooring is a hardwood flooring company serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. We provide hardwood floor installation, sanding and finishing, and wood floor repair.

Wood Flooring Before and Afters

Our hardwood flooring before and after gallery features sanding & refinishing, repair & restoration, and lace-in projects completed in the Twin Cities metro.

Before and After Gallery

Whether you're getting rid of your carpet or restoring an old wood floor with a sand and finish, our before and after gallery should inspire you to finally start that home improvement project. 

Flooring lace-in

For this Lakeville, MN home, the owner wanted new maple flooring in an office and dining room that connected to old flooring in the entry way and kitchen. In total, there were three different lace-ins. Pictured here: before and after a flooring lace-in and the hardwood after we sanded, stained, and finished the floor.    

Fir floor sand and refinish

This old farm house in River Falls, WI was in need of some TLC: we sanded and refinished the dining room, revealing the beautiful fir floor pictured here. 

Wood floor restoration and repair

While preparing this home for sale, the homeowner wanted to pull up the carpet and display the maple floor underneath. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite show-ready. We repaired several areas on this floor, then sanded and refinished the wood to get the home ready for market. 

Wood flooring installation

If you want to change the look of your home, removing carpet and installing hardwood makes a dramatic difference. The owner of this Saint Paul home traded in carpet for pre-finished red oak. 

Maple floor sand and refinish

The kitchen in this Wisconsin farmhouse was sanded and refinished to remove years of wear and expose the crisp maple flooring underneath. 

Hardwood staircase installation

Pictured here are two examples of staircases that went from carpet to hardwood. The first pair of images feature a carpet to maple staircase transformation. The maple on this project was stained dark (read why it's hard to stain maple). The final two pairs of images feature a split-level staircase carpet to walnut floor before and after. 

Sand and refinish

The maple floor in this St. Paul home needed a little restorative work. A sand and refinish had it looking like new.

Splotchy wood floor

The high-traffic areas in this Rogers, MN home did a number on the wood. A sand and refinish of the red oak floor took care of the wear splotches. 

Flooring lace-in, sand, and refinish

This home in the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood required some lace-in and sanding/refinishing work to get it revitalized. We also did some custom work on the vents. Pictured in this gallery is an old grate that was quite large. In order to accommodate current standardized vent sizes while maintaining the character of the home, we cut the old vent to a smaller size and stained it to match the updated floor. 

Standard wood flooring sand and refinish

Red oak is a common flooring found in Minnesota houses. Here's a before and after of a red oak floor in Ramsey. If you have red oak in your home, these images might give you an idea of what to expect if we sand and refinish your floor!