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We're based in Stillwater, MN and provide hardwood flooring installation, sanding and refinishing, and repairs to customers throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and suburbs. 

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Stillwater, MN, 55082


Raven Hardwood Flooring is a hardwood flooring company serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. We provide hardwood floor installation, sanding and finishing, and wood floor repair.


Reclaimed Wood Flooring Gallery

We’re experienced reclaimed wood flooring installers based in Minnesota. Need inspiration? Our reclaimed flooring gallery shows what’s possible in your home.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Whether it's gathered from old barns or dredged up from rivers and lakes, reclaimed wood is one of my favorites. The variation in the wood gives a home depth and character. Its look can be elevated, making it ideal for luxury homes. Reclaimed wood can also be more rustic in personality, making it more than suitable for your cabin up north. The best part? You'll never worry about harming your floor or the environment with reclaimed wood. Because it's a floor with a past, future dings and dents just build on the history of this repurposed product.